just curious, how do you approach drinking alcohol being a t1d?

if I want to drink enough that I’ll be somewhat drunk, or even tipsy, I always make sure I have someone with me who knows about my diabetes and how to treat it (finger pricks, how to treat lows, how to administer insulin, etc) and who knows the difference between being drunk and experiencing a low. 

if I’m drinking solo, I make sure I’m at home with family in the house.

if I’m drinking with friends who don’t know how to do any of the aforementioned things, I always make sure I know my limits and stay well within them. 

as for how I deal with the lows/highs that come along with them, I’ve noticed that if you have a sugary or sweet drink, it will make your blood sugar spike and then because of the alcohol, drop off later. I’ll inject half my ratio for the carbs in the drink (for example, I’m on a sliding scale, so 1 unit of insulin for every 10 carbs, so I half that to 0.5) and continuously check my blood sugar without. it may seem kind of annoying, but I’d rather be safe. as for regular things like vodka, beer, rum, etc., I normally just check my blood sugar frequently and correct highs later on when I’ve finished drinking (which may or may not be the safest thing to do, but when I inject for them I always go low). 


  • make sure you have someone around who’s informed about diabetes (if possible)
  • remember to check your blood sugar —> if you’re planning on getting wasted, set reminders on your phone to help you out, or tell friends
  • injections will, and should, vary from drink to drink
  • try not to drink too much in general

and now, resources!

enjoy :)

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