literally what’s happening in Ferguson


When people say to a boy "That’s for girls" 

There seems to be an implication that liking or associating with anything feminine or girly is wrong and somehow beneath them.

When people say to a girl "That’s for boys"

There seems to be an implication that they must remember their place.





No but hear me out.

Laverne Cox as Wonder Woman


you called? (x|x)


she likes carrying around random rags for no reason


my empty room has never felt so empty
the space between my bookshelf
and my office chair
is the space where you once belonged
the ghost of your existence
lingers in places closest to my heart

you haunt me in my silence
when i am under the sheets
you are the sweat on my back
reminding me that these layers
cannot be a replacement for your heat
you are the taste on my tongue
when i brush and brush again
the mint of my toothpaste cannot compare
to the way it used to linger on your breath

your kisses sanded away my edges
drew romanticisms on my back
our teeth used to clash -
my question marks bumping into
your questionable answers;
the uncertainty was always hanging in the air

the elephant in this room was staring at both of us
as we tried to make reality fit
with the love that we couldn’t deny
the fear in our hearts did not stop him
from discovering the crook behind my ear
from licking away my wounds
and telling me i was beautiful
it did not restrict the way our hearts
sped up and raced side by side
i guess in that sense,
our connection was uncontrollable

we were fireworks and dancing flames
we were finger trails and eskimo kisses
our fragmented breaks
our on-off intertwining
left me gasping for air
but it is only now that i can see
we were never broken - only confused
we were never falling - only hoping

i didn’t realize how fast things could crash.  (via aux-anges)
{degrassi challenge} - seven kisses [7/7]
↳ riley/zane; in your eyes